Step-by-Step Guide to order a Shared Web Hosting Package

This article will teach you how you can order a web hosting package from UniqueStar Host. It is also called Shared web hosting as your domain will be hosted with many other websites. You get a space from our server to run your website.

Steps to Order a Shared Web Hosting Package
You can follow these steps to buy the web hosting package from UniqueStar Host:

Step#1: Choosing your Desired Package
First of all, Go to Now from the menu options, Drag your cursor into the Shared Hosting option. You’ll see a drop-down menu. 
Choose the one you prefer. You’ll have a complete list of packages and what we are offering. 

We are currently offering four shared web hosting plans:

  • Personal Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Premium Plan

They all have some specifications. You can choose the web hosting plan that best matches your requirements. You can go for the Personal one if you are just starting out but if you have a large amount of traffic, consider using the Pro plan. you have chosen the best one for yourself, let’s jump to the next step.

Step#2: Choosing or Transfering a Domain
Now it’s time to choose a domain name. If you already have one, You can use that too or transfer it from any other hosting company.

If you want to check if a domain name is available or not, write it down and choose the extension you want.

You will also get a few other suggestions that you may like. Choose the one that best matches your website and click Continue.

Step#3: Configuration and Choose Billing Cycle
Now, You will have a list of all the things present in the chosen plan.

Under it, you will see a Billing cycle option. Choose the best web hosting plan according to your budget and click Continue. You will now see Three more options that you can add to your website for free if you choose the one-year billing plan. 

I would recommend choosing all three as they will speed up, protect, and enhance your website's usage. 

If you have a promo code, add it after you continue and proceed to checkout.

Step#4: Checkout and Billing Options
It is almost the end. Now enter all your details and billing information so that the order may proceed into completion. You can choose from three billing methods. Also, keep yourself updated on new promotions by joining our mailing list. 

After carefully mentioning all your details, Click to complete the order. That’s it. You will receive an email from UniqueStar Host that will contain all the information about how you will access and setup your Cpanel.

Now go, Set up your website and Earn. You can Check out our Web hosting plan by clicking HERE.


You can Check out our Web hosting plan by clicking HERE.

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