How to get started with Reseller Hosting

This guide will let you know all the details you should know after buying a Reseller hosting package. But first, let me guide you through what reseller hosting is and how you can order it from our website.

What is Reseller Hosting?
Reseller Hosting plan hosts multiple websites for users. Users can also host clients' websites with a Reseller plan. With a Reseller account, you can offer clients the hosting plan without worrying about managing Hosting servers.

It is basically for the people who sell websites and use them as a business. For that, they need to have a larger space, due to which they tend to buy a reseller hosting.

Our Reseller Hosting Plans
We are currently providing three different Reseller hosting packages:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Check out our Reseller Packages for more information.

After you have selected the most appropriate plan for your business, Click order now, and you will be taken to another screen.

Here you will choose the for how long do you want to pay at once. The higher you go, the lesser you pay. Click checkout when done.

Then, the Billing screen will appear. Provide complete billing and personal information. You have to choose between three billing methods.

Click complete order when you are done with it; you’ll get an email containing your login details and guideline.

Complete Guide to Reseller Hosting
Now you are done with the order placement. You would receive an email containing login information and details. Let me guide you through the things you will encounter after you log in to your account.

  1. Customer Portal
    The customer portal will be the first screen that you will see after accessing your account by the details given to you by e-mail. It is the main screen that contains all the elements required for a website and reselling business.

    The customer portal contains:
    1. Domain Name
    2. IP Address
    3. cPanel
    4. WebHost Manager
    5. FTP Server
    6. E-mail Server
    7. DNS name server
    8. SSH Account info
  2. Administration Interfaces
    The administration interface contains two options to control and manage your and your customer’s websites.

    These two options are:

    • cPanel
      it is the central panel that lets you manage your website. You can control all the back-end functions from here, like downloading WordPress, SSL certificate, and more. 

      It has many options through which you can optimize and control your primary domain

    • Web Host Manager (WHM)
      The Web Host Manager is specially designed to manage the websites being sold out by the owner.  

      These websites are the sub-domains of the main domain that you possess. You can control and manage a limited amount of websites and optimize them. 

      To login to the cPanel and Web Host Manager, Go to and go to the login tab or by provided IP address

      After you log in by using the details given in the email, you’ll see an action tab. There will be options for accessing the cPanel and Web Host Manager.

  3. Custom Name Servers
    When you buy a Reseller Package, you’ll get an additional option to create sub-domains that you can sell further. 

    These domains have the primary domain name inside it like, It is a handy feature as you can sell an unlimited amount of domains according to the cloud capacity. 

    I recommend that if you have a large business, then go for the Platinum package as it provides 20GB Disk space, perfect for large companies.

    Check out our Reseller Packages and Shared Web Hosting Packages
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