Registering a Domain Name

In this article, you will get a complete idea of how you can register a domain and what you should consider while registering a domain name for your website.

Things to Consider

  1. Easy to Spell 
    The first thing while choosing a Domain name is that the name should be easy to read and pronounce. People tend to go for the domains with a name that is easy to read because they don't have to put any effort into pronouncing it.

    So always keep this first rule in mind to keep the name easy to spell and pronounce. It also makes it catchy and attracts visitors.
  2. Easy to Remember
    Always aim for such a name that will be easy for the reader to remember. The easier the title, the more chances that the reader will come back searching for it.

    Many marketers use this strategy, as it is beneficial and easy. 

  3. Positive Association
    Always try to find words that are associated or those who have a positive meaning. It attracts the audience as they could search that name and end by liking it.

    These positive associations can help make your website a more authoritative one.

  4. Site's Identity and Concept
    The name you choose should define the purpose and concept of the website you will publish. If your website is about medicine and you are naming it something about real estate type, then it won't work.

    The concept and idea should be clear and concise and should be reflected by the domain name.

  5. Keeping it Short
    It is well said, the shorter, the better. The domain names that are long and extensive don't catch the reader's eye, and they get irritated by it.

    By keeping the name short, you can capture the reader's eye and make him click your website.

  6. Different and New
    Always choose a unique and new word because people dislike the same name for two different websites. Try to think of a creative and unique name that completely defines your website and correctly serves its purpose.

  7. Meaning of the Word
    Always search for the meaning of the word you choose because a word in one language may mean something negative in the other. So always search properly about the word you are using and the region in which it will be displayed.

  8. Addressing the Audience
    You can also choose a name that is addressing the audience. These names usually contain you, your, etc.

Domain Protection
Domain protection is one of the essential things as the domain name is your unique identity.

  1. Beware of the Expiration Date
    Always keep an eye on the date of expiry of your domain so that you can renew them. Sometimes people give the wrong email and miss the expiration date due to which their registration is terminated.

    So always give the right email and keep an eye on the expiration date.
  2. Online Scams
    Beware of the online scams that are happening. They send you a fake domain renewal invoice and charge you way more than the actual price.

Ordering a Domain
To order a Domain go and check any one of our Shared Web Hosting packages or Reseller Packages and follow the procedure shown in the article of ordering web hosting. You may first have to buy hosting along with the New Domain.

So here you go. If you still have any queries about Domain registration, you can contact us at: [email protected]


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