Accessing Your Account

How to access your CPanel and account?
We'll let you know how you can access your account and control panel and manage your domains.

Let's dive right into it.

What is cPanel?
The Control Panel is the place or Dashboard from where you can control and manage your website. If you have a Shared Web Hosting package, then you can use this panel to manage your domain.

The cPanel has many options, but the most used of them are the WordPress and SSL Certificate. These two things are essential while establishing a website.

What is the WebHost Manager?
The WebHost Manager is made so that a person can manage a lot of websites. This manager is made for people who want to sell websites. 

If you have a Reseller Web Hosting Package, then you will have a WebHost Manager in your Dashboard so that you can manage and control multiple websites.

How to Access the cPanel 
You can access your cPanel in two ways.

First Way:
The first way to access the cPanel is through your account on unique-star. 

If you want to access the cPanel, Go to and log into your account.

In the Dashboard, you'll see a domain option. Click it, and you will be redirected to the page where your owned domains will be shown.

In front of the name of your owned domains, you'll see a settings icon. Click on it, and you'll see an option saying cPanel. Click it, and you will be redirected to your cPanel. It's that simple.


See this article to know you can order a hosting web package if you don't have a domain yet. In a few lines, We offer two Packages.

  • Shared Web Hosting Package
  • Reseller Hosting Packages

The shared hosting package is further divided into four plans:

  • Personal
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premium

The Reseller hosting packages are further divided into three plans:

  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Platinum

Second Way:
The second way is a bit easier and faster. In this, you have to type in:, where the example is your domain name. When you type in the following, a screen will appear where you have to provide your email and password, and you will be in your cPanel.

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