Web Hosting Common Terms

There are a few common terms that you should while or after you buy a Hosting from unique-star.net.

What is Hosting?
A hosting is formed by a group of web servers that delivers and publish content on the internet and allows the audience to see and interact with it.

Unique-star.net offers two hosting packages, One is the Shared Web hosting plan, and the other is the Reseller Hosting plan. You can buy anyone from them as per requirement.

Common Terms being Used
The most common terms that are being used in hosting and websites are as follows:

An autoresponder sends email ot the people who contact you on the given email. Get instantly get a message that was written by you in the start. 

You can set the autoresponder to send messages from your cPanel.

Backup means making a copy of your website's files and documents so that you can restore it at any time if something happens to the web suddenly.

It is the rate at which the data is transferred. It is usually referred to as the amount of data transmitted in one second, and it can be in kilo or Giga.

A browser is a place where you search for anything on the internet. One of the most commonly used browsers is Google. It owns more than 90% of the market.

Coding Languages
Many coding languages are used to develop a website. HTML and CSS usually form a simple website

The coding languages include:

  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheet
  • Javascript
  • PHP - It enables the website to create dynamic content
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel

The cPanel is where you can control and manage your website and all its functions, including Backup, WordPress, etc.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)
It is an error that occurs when multiple accounts and people try to access the same website, and the hosting cannot support that much traffic. It affects the performance and speed of the website.

Dedicated Server 
It is a single server that hosts only a single account. It costs more than the shared web hosting package. The website's performance is higher, as only a single account is being hosted on it.

Domain Name
It is the name by which your website is recognized on the internet. It is a unique name chosen by a single person and has its copyright.

Domain Name System (DNS)
The domain name system converts the domain name into a computer IP Address that is readable for the servers. When a person visits your website, the servers search for that IP address and show it in the form of human-readable language.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
It is a way by which we can transfer all our files from a local disk and onto the internet where people can easily access them.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
It is the platform or service through which we can transfer media and files over the internet. It is used with WWW (world wide web)

IP Address
It is a number given to the domain through which the server identifies the website or domain. The domain name is converted into a number so that the computer can easily read it.

It is an operating system that is used to host websites. It is very renowned and is used all over the world.

Mailing List
It is the list of all the people who visit your website and leave behind their email. You can quickly email them with new content to have them back on the website.

Managed Hosting
It is a server such as a unique-star that hosts and manages the websites on the internet to access them easily. Our managed hosting packages include:

  • Shared Web Hosting Plan
  • Reseller Web Hosting Plan
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Reseller Hosting
It is the hosting for people who have a business in selling websites to other people. You can host multiple websites on its single package without any extra charges or efforts.

Our Reseller Web Hosting Packages include:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Shared Hosting
It is the hosting in which there is a server on which many websites are being hosted other than yours. It is relatively cheaper than other web hosting packages but is very reliable.

Our Shared web hosting packages include:

  • Personal
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Premium

It is a collective term for all the anonymous emails that you receive in your email. Spam also refers to the false comments being done on a website.

SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer)
The SSL certificate is an essential part of websites nowadays. The SSL secures websites from malware attacks, and Google recognizes it as a good website. It is also one of the many factors that Google uses while ranking sites.

Top-Level Domain
The TLD or top-level domain is the extension used after the domain name and is according to the region you want to target. .com is one of the highest TLDs being used all over the world.

It is the platform that allows a user to design and manage their website without any coding automatically. You can do everything on the website easily by using Plugins. It is a free Blogging and Business tool being provided with our Hosting plans.

So here are all the terms that you might come across during your journey with websites. If you are facing any problem or you want to know anything about websites and hosting, then feel free to contact us at: [email protected] 

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