Configuring Domain Settings

This article will let you know about domain servers, settings, and the basic concept. 
Let’s get right into it.

Domain Names
The Domain name is the name of the website on which you have all the website's information. When someone searches for the name of a website, it is the domain name in simple words. [e.g.,]

The domain name contains two portions. The second part is known as the Top Level Domain or TLD. The highest TLD is .com, undoubtedly. There are many more TLDs such as, .co, .pk,, etc

The first part, which is the website's name, is called SLD or Second level domain. For example, unique-net is the SLD. This is the URL section that you have chosen on your own and has all the rights to it. A domain name always contains both the SLD and TLD.

Now the last, The Third-level domain is the subdomain that you add to your website. It can be anything like or The domain on which you are reading is article is also a subdomain.

Name Servers and DNS
The DNS, abbreviated as Domain name system, is essential in handling and viewing a website. It could have been not easy to search if it did not exist. 

The domains usually have a specific IP address by which they are recognized on the servers. It can be like 16.88.472.113. The servers convert these digits into a user-friendly name. Due to this, the DNS is a vital element.

If you have purchased a Domain from Unique-star, you don’t have to configure the settings as our servers already do it, but you want to transfer your domain from another hosting or change the DNS, you have to do it manually.

Transferring a Domain
If you want to transfer your domain from another hosting company, Go to your control panel.

You’ll see a drop-down menu when you scroll over the Domains menu. There you will see an option, Transfer to us. Click it, provide all the essential information, and then wait.

It usually takes around 24 to 48 to transfer a domain completely, and until then, you won't have any access to your website, nor your web will appear in the search.

Registering a New Domain
If you want to register a new domain, go to the control panel. Then in the drop-down Domains Menu and click on Register a new domain. Provide the necessary information, and you are all done and set to release your website.

Changing the DNS
If you are not satisfied with your DNS, then you transfer it to the unique-star quickly. Just go to your hosting control panel, go in the settings tab, and change the name-server settings to point towards unique-star. 

If you could not do it by yourself, contact your registrar and ask him to do it yourself. 

If you still have any queries regarding any of this, then contact us at [email protected]

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