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This article is all about TLDs and what they are and what their benefits are. So keep reading, you might find something helpful.

What is TLD?
The TLD, also known as Top-Level Domain, is the extension used after the websites' domain names being published on the internet.

E.g., [.net] in is the Top-level domain.

It is the highest level of the Domain Name System. It is being handled by ICANN, which operates IANA. In past, it was divided into three parts, Countries, Categories, and Multi organizations. 

Types of Top Level Domains
The Top-level domains are of three types:

  • Generic Top Level Domains
  • Country-code Top Level Domains
  • Sponsered Top Level Domains

Generic Top-Level Domains
Generic TLDs are the ones that can be used all over the world. These are generally the government ones, any educational one or informational one.[ e.g., In, unique-star is the domain name of SLD and .net is the Top Level Domain]
The generic TLDs are: 

  • .com
  • .net
  • .info
  • .edu
  • .mil
  • .org 
  • And many more

Sponsored Top Level Domains
The sponsored TLDs are ones that are allotted by any organization or government association. They are limited to them and can only be used by their permission and only assigned by them.

Country-code Top Level Domains
The Country-code TLDs are allotted to the countries according to their codes. It is usually a two-digit country code of the respective country and is specified for that one country.

These TLDs include:

  • .us
  • .uk
  • .fr
  • .co
  • .sa
  • .pk
  • .in
  • And many more

Which TLD is the most preferred?
The TLD depends upon the location you have in mind that you want to target. Usually, a person who wants to target only the people of the united kingdom, then you will go for .uk as it will specify that it is only for that location.

If you want your website to be internationally known, you should go after the .com TLD as it certainly tops the list of TLDs and is widely used by many big and authoritative websites.

 If you still have any question regarding TLD and which one you should choose, then feel free to contact us at:[email protected]

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